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Why Uniforms?

Posted by With thanks to Morning Star Christian School. on Mar 15th 2018

The use of school uniforms, as opposed to the latest fashions, eliminates unnecessary competition in dress and focuses the attention on learning and growing. Uniforms eliminate the disagreements between students and parents over what is appropriate and project an atmosphere of uniformity, loyalty, and equality among the student population.

School uniforms provide a professional approach to learning and removes some of the distractions normally confronted when young people face the dilemma of possessing the latest designer fashions or the latest fad sweeping the nation. Considering that fashions change from year to year and season to season, parents feel pressure from their children to provide them with the latest peer-pleasing designs. School uniforms reduce the cost of keeping up since it remains the same day after day, year after year. The cost, in relation to fashion merchandise, is very appealing over the long term.

Experience has shown that students required to maintain a neat appearance and to coordinate their wardrobe within the established bounds are likely to carry over these habits to the performance of their schoolwork. Using school uniforms is a positive method of establishing good habits and promoting a climate for discipline and responsibility.

The positive academic-related results associated with school uniforms are a result of coordinated effort by students, parents, and administration. It is intended that adherence to the school uniform dress code guidelines be a cooperative effort by both home and school. Teachers expect parents to supervise their child’s dress before they leave the home, and parents expect teachers and administrators to enforce the stated dress code guidelines at school.